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Max has had millions of actively engaged people, in his pocket, on his cell phone for the past 10 years. "Full circle" internet marketing, GenZ branding, and automated e-commerce have truly been Max's life.

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Yoga + Technology

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Convolutional Pose Learning Machine Development

The development of pose recognition through machine learning techniques and advancement in various image processing techniques is the primary interest. Barringer has created a new Dataset of 100 Asanas for 'OpenPose' advancing initial key-point recognition.

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Learn to live a healthy life with yoga

Transforming your life is like a daily habit pattern - learn a little every day, and over time, you'll become a master. Whether you're pursuing a career or personal growth, daily practice can help you achieve your goals and create the life you want.

Understand how to do excercises properly

Healthy habit patterns changed my life. Daily, consistency is more powerful than people give it credit.

Find your passion & go!

Max primarily wants to help you live a healthy, fruitful life. Then, we help identify your passion and determine where you can position yourself as a key player in your industry. We help you create signature programs that your students  transform.

Pair Technology with Fitness

Based in San Francisco, Max combines his passion for yoga with technology. In 2023, he's creating unique data sets for a Convolutional Pose Learning Machine to advance Pose Estimation on OpenPose. These independent studies are funded by Max's yoga nonprofit.

Free home workouts and fitness plans

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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Free business development workshop

I’ve created this free business development workshop to showcase each of the steps we'll be taking in our course. Max has years of experience creating the best online experience for consumers. Allow him to show you what he knows, and eventually maybe he'll be taking you to the next level!
Use code: mobyogabiz111 to watch ;)

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Who can benefit from Max's custom plans and step-by-step guidance?

Literally everyone. I’m currently helping people from 12 to 60+ years old. Everyone is getting adjusted to our high energy, highly demanding transformative opportunities.

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