Max Barringer


Max was an internet blogger since age 12. He built large fandom like communities online and created merchandise / unique items to sell to them.  Life was fun and fast. Friends came and went. Max caught a bug for yoga. It became a way to express his light and coach others along the way. Here we are.


Being an entrepreneur nearly his entire adult life, life was excitingly different for Max. Throughout his early life he lived and worked all over the world in beautiful, fortunate places as well as dilapidated, needy communities. The busy and continuous life of growing a small business became a crutch for Max. Work became an easy way to bury his individual problems and focus on other “things”. Eventually life hits everyone in the face and it’s your time to fight your demons.  Yoga, hand-standing, purpose-searching, and adventure became the only things to help Max rebuild his confidence. “It was something about being able to turn upside down all over the world and hold it for a beautiful photo.. I have suffered injuries as a child that should make these poses impossible! THANK GOD.” After hours and hours of practice, yoga became a moving meditation that completely transformed his life. And now, Max feels it’s his responsibility to simply show you an option to transform your world too.


You can find Max exploring California, creating yoga products, blogging online, practicing yoga, and loving the world around him.

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